DUBUN saves you money

DUBUN saves you money by fixing your riding kit

What we do…

What can DUBUN fix for you?

Alterations to riding gear
  • Shorten Trousers
  • Shorten Jacket Sleeves
  • Taper Jacket
  • Taper Trousers
  • Adjust waist – waist in
  • Adjust waist – waist out
Velcro – We replace Velcro on riding gear and biking accessories
  • Replace Velcro on sleeve straps
  • Replace Velcro -Knee Pads (Superbike racing suits)
  • Replace Velcro trousers
  • Replace Velcro on Jackets
Boot Repairs – we do repairs and replace soles on all leading brands of motorcycle boots
  • Enduro Boots – replace soles and toe caps
  • MX Boots – replace soles and toe caps
  • Superbike Boots – replace soles and zips
  • Cruiser Boots (CAT / Harley Davidson) – Replace soles and heels
Zips – We fix or replace all Zips
  • Trousers Zip
  • Main Jacket Zip
  • Minor Jacket Zip
  • Motorcycle Boots Zip
  • Superbike Racing Suit Zip
  • BMW Inner Waist Zips
Patching and Stitching
  • Enduro and motocross pants knee pads
  • All jackets and pants
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Riding accessories
  • Motorcycle Club Colours Attached

Alpinestars-LogoWe are an approved repairer for Alpinestars